This collection is here to raise awareness for children with chronic liver disease who need a liver transplant like a little boy we know, Eli Parker... here are a few of his words telling you about his story...

"I'm 5 years old... I was born with a rare sickness that only 10 kids in the world have... my liver and kidneys don't work too much. My doctors say I need a "new" liver soon. I have 8 special doctors that are smart about livers, bloods, kidneys, brains, ears, lungs, hearts.... and something my Mom says... jeans??? -genes- They say I am like a puzzle. I like puzzles. I got to ride in a really cool airplane two times to see my doctors in Kansas City so fast! I've had so many pokes and IVs, my Mom forgot to count. I went to sleep 15 times for lots of testing and surgery. That's kinda hard... it makes me sick. Now my doctors in KC say they have done everything they can, and I need to go to see doctors in Texas, way down by the ocean, for a "new" liver... but I told my Mom 'I like my old one'."   --EP

Check out this collection of face masks, t-shirts, and more if you want to help support Eli and his transplant process!!! All of the items from this collection will have 50% of the profits donated to his special fund!

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