Automatic Pet Cat Water Fountain

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Do you ever wish there was something you could do to protect your cat's health? Proper hydration is essential for your feline friend to stay optimally healthy especially during the hot summer months!!! This automatic fountain features one of the best filtering systems making sure your pet is getting the purest water possible!
  • Large Capacity-The largest one features a large capacity of 2.4L saving you time and energy in your pet watering routine!!!
  • Efficient-It can meet cats, dogs, birds, and other small animals drinking needs for 5-7 days making it a good choice for travel lovers and office workers!
  • Upgraded Design-Now equipped with LED, the water dispenser can light up adding fun to your pet’s drinking experience!!! Also has a window so you can easily see when your pet’s water is getting low!
  • Safe Materials-This fountain is made of high quality PP plastic and stainless steel. It’s BPA free, non-toxic, odorless and durable!!!
  • High Quality Filtration System-The three-layer filtration system purifies and filters impurities and hair, providing your pet with the fresh sparkling water!
  • Super Silent-You can barely hear the water flow with the silent water pump causing no interference with sleep!
  • Easy Assembly-Designed with a quick-release structure so you can quickly and easily assemble and disassemble it!

This adorable and efficient pet water fountain is a game changer!!!

Add it to your cart today and you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

(Your cat will thank you too!)

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